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Accelerating the transformation of Africa and the emerging world to build a global future today

Bringing change from the stage by inspiring the audience and compelling people to shape the future

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Pushing the frontier of the knowledge on Africa and the emerging world to create the future we want

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Accelerating the transformation of Africa and the emerging world to build a global future today 

Training decision-makers in the skills and leadership qualities necessary to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Providing the strategies to turn insights into great execution in the context of uncertainty of the digital age



Owning our narrative and writing our own story

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Build today a stronger future for Africa and the world


Accelerate the transformation of Africa, the emerging world, and their relation with advanced economies through strategic research, open dialogue, and future-thinking speeches, leading academics, policymakers, and innovators


Prof. Landry Signé, Ph.D.

Founder & Chairman of the Global Network for Africa's Prosperity

Established in 2011


Africa has a new free trade area. This is what you need to know

African leaders have just signed a framework establishing the African Continental Free Trade Area, the largest free trade agreement since the creation of the World Trade Organisation....

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World Economic Forum


How can the new African free trade agreement unlock Africa’s potential?

For the first time in recent history, with the African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA), Africa could wholly embrace intra-African relations, global trade, structural transformation and sustainable development...

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The Trump administration’s Africa strategy: Primacy or partnership?

Ambassador John Bolton set the tone for the administration in a speech where he challenged African governments to choose the United States over China and Russia for their commercial, security, and political relationships. This throwback to great power rivalry runs counter to the most significant current trend in Africa’s external relationships...

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Brookings Institution


African Transformation, African Development: How Institutions Shape development Strategy

This powerful book traces new continental institutions for development and their capacity to affect economic growth, regional integration, and international cooperation in Africa...

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Cambridge University Press


Spotlighting opportunities for business in Africa and strategies to succeed in the world’s next big growth market

Here, we describe the extent of the African business opportunities in key sectors and suggest steps investors can take to translate that opportunity into profitable, sustainable enterprises...


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Brookings Institution


Innovating Development Strategies in Africa: The Role of International, Regional and National Actors

 In this book, Landry Signé explores the key drivers of African policy and economic transformation, proposing a preeminent explanation of policy innovations in Africa through the examination of postcolonial strategies for economic development....


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Cambridge University Press

Innovating development strategies in Africa

Innovating development strategies in Africa

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