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We deliver powerful and high-energy customized distinguished keynote speeches that elevate, inspire, and unlock the imagination and strategic thinking of the audience, and compel attendees to act with mind-blowing and implementable take-aways.  We use speeches to help create a value today, understand what will happen in the future, and build strategies for future success. We provide keynotes that compel action and bring change from the stage.

Bringing change from the stage by inspiring the audience and compelling people to shape the future 


Prof. Landry Signé, Ph.D., Founder & Chairman & Her Excellency Joyce Banda, Former President of Malawi & Distinguished Advisor

These are currently our keynotes most in demand all over the world

Africa’s Role in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Investing in Africa

Unlocking Africa’s Potential with the New African Free Trade Agreement

How Emerging Countries are Changing World Order

Emerging Markets in the Digital Era

Entrepreneurial Leadership and Disruptive Innovation in the 21st Century

Accelerating the Data Revolution in Emerging Economies

Our keynote speeches deliver powerful insights and calls to action that inspire listeners to start changing the future. The most in-demand keynotes provide unique, forward-thinking strategies that can be immediately implemented and engender broad transformation in entrepreneurship, investment, policy making, and social development.

Our keynotes can be given as one-hour speeches, full panels, or interactive multimedia presentations. Executives, companies, organizations, and conferences of influential thinkers will benefit from our keynotes and take away strategies that will change the narrative and inspire effective change.

Other Engaging Speeches

Geopolitical Risks and Challenges in Expanding into Frontier Economies

Policymaking amidst Changing Regulatory Environments

Trends of Innovation and Accelerating Technological Change

Developing Skills and Incorporating Data for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

Humans and Data: Extending the Efficiency and Capacity of Innovative Solutions

Democratization and Digitization: Making Governance Efficient and Representative

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