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From Think Tank to Do Tank


We provide world-class training, education, skills-building exercises, and leadership workshops for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work. Our future thinking workshops and seminars engage decision-makers to immediately and efficiently address the most pressing issues facing emerging economies, states, and societies. We train individuals in the skills and leadership for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and the future of work.

Training decision-makers in the skills and leadership qualities necessary to thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution


Our research and creative insights hone participants’ futurist thinking in business, economics, politics, and social sectors. Participants will develop an eye for innovation using technology, social networks, and new information to create the future of their respective fields. Participants will not only learn how digitization has affected their respective sector, but will take away applicable knowledge to incorporate and capitalize on the digital era, anticipate change, and hedge risks.

Select topics

Board training

Making boards more effective

Getting on board and succeeding as a Board member

Developing board-critical skills

The Board oversight rule and corporate strategy

Efficient governance processes & risk mitigation

Types and roles of new Board of Directors in the 21st Century

International business expansion experience

Identifying & managing risks

Formulating & implementing effective business and non-market strategies

Transforming opportunities into superior results and creating high returns

Unveiling & quantifying untapped opportunities


Emerging & frontier markets

Trends, opportunities, risks & strategies

Non-market strategies

International expansion

Geopolitical risk

Global, political, policy, and economic dynamics


Fourth Industrial Revolution and Technologies 

Free Trade Agreements & International Partnerships

Geopolitical risks in expanding into emerging markets & frontier economies

International Cooperation

Leadership of International Organizations

Management & leadership in a complex world

Securing public-private partnerships

Strategy & innovation for the 4th Industrial Revolution

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